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How to clean Singing Bowls, Bells & Gongs during COVID-19? Info from Heaven of Sound
  • In these times of the Corona virus pandemic we often get asked "What can I do if I use my Tibetan singing bowls on different people to be safe?"
  • How can I clean my singing bowl?
  • What can I use for cleaning?
  • Are there any side effects from the cleaning or what else should I consider to keep my bowls clean but safe from damage?
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Corona crisis & How we like to Help.

Heaven of Sound's contribution to help through COVID-19Help from Heaven of Sound through the times of COVID-19Heaven of Sound is lowering the prices of all certified Tibetan singing bowls for the duration of this emergency to allow everyone to afford a Healing singing bowl! See our offers here: https://heavenofsound.com/singing-bowls

May 2020: Reduced Prices on All Tibetan singing bowls to help through COVID-19 from Heaven of Sound

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Custom made Sound Healing Instruments

Custom sound instrument making at Heaven of Sound, North Idaho, USAIt is almost autumn and the time of abundance begins. Nature gears up to prepare for winter in a burst of ripening and fruiting. All of her creatures, including us, revel in the bounty, feeding well, enjoying the warmth, welcoming the cooling evenings.
Almost all cultures celebrate this time with harvest fairs and festivals. The year’s work of planting and weeding is rewarded by the promise of plenty to eat for the coming winter.
Although most of society has moved away from the agrarian life style, the joy and relief of a bountiful harvest is written in our very genes, our bodies know to be glad of the plenty, glad of the bounty and we get busy in these autumn days preparing for the great hush before the fall of winter.

 This month (September) we invite you to an own Sound Healing Instrument, completely custom made to Your dreams & desires.

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Sound Healing System of Certified Planetary Healing Vibrations

The Sound Healing System of Certified Planetary Healing Vibrations

  • What are Planetary Healing Vibrations?
  • How can I personally or as a professional sound healer benefit from these Planetary Harmonics and learn about them in a certification class?
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JUNE 2017 Newsletter & Father's Day SALE

Certicifaction Traing 2018 - Sound Vibrational Healing Practitioner & Therapist June brings rain, and sun, and brand new tiny cherries and apples on the trees. Cool nights, warm days, renewal and hope reborn. Spring business fills our days with joy and soft breezes full our nights with happy dreams.

If you are thinking of joining our 2018 professional sound vibrational healer certification program, this summer is a great time to ...

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Tibetan singing bowl - North America series with Feathers engraving Spirit of North America series: Bear carved Tibetan singing bowl

We are proud to announce that our exclusive Etched and Engraved "Spirit of North America" series of Tibetan singing bowls is now on-line available!

In this world-wide only at Heaven of Sound available singing bowl series the ancient Himalayan tradition meets the Native American spirit!!

All these special and unique singing bowls meet the highest premium sound healer grade quality standard PLUS all these beautiful singing bowls resonate to the Planetary Universal Harmonic healing frequencies, documented in the accompanying certificate!

The first 6 Native American Spirit Planetary Tibetan Singing Bowls are now available and until August 14 they are on a time limited Introduction Offer 10% Off!

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A year ago we opened the virtual doors of HeavenofSound.com for the first time. It has been a year of learning,growing and meeting new friends. To celebrate this milestone we are having a special sale from Aug. 6 to 14!

Happy 1st Birthday Heaven of Sound - Aug. 2016

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Tibetan singing bowl - North America series with Tree of Life engraving Spirit of Northe America series: Eagle carved Tibetan singing bowl

The world-wide first and only exclusive and very limited "Spirit of North America" series of certified healing Tibetan singing bowls, wherein Himalayan tradition meets Native American spirit!! PLUS these special singing bowls all resonate to Planetary Universal harmonic healing frequencies!

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Today save 20% on this etched and engraved Tibetan singing bowl!
This medium beautiful singing bowl resonates to Chiron in the fundamental with a Lilith overtone. This is a wonderful singing bowl for self-healing by accepting our shadow side

Save 20% on this beautiful engraved


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