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JUNE 2017 Newsletter & Father's Day SALE

Certicifaction Traing 2018 - Sound Vibrational Healing Practitioner & Therapist June brings rain, and sun, and brand new tiny cherries and apples on the trees. Cool nights, warm days, renewal and hope reborn. Spring business fills our days with joy and soft breezes full our nights with happy dreams.

If you are thinking of joining our 2018 professional sound vibrational healer certification program, this summer is a great time to ...

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Tibetan singing bowl - North America series with Feathers engraving Spirit of North America series: Bear carved Tibetan singing bowl

We are proud to announce that our exclusive Etched and Engraved "Spirit of North America" series of Tibetan singing bowls is now on-line available!

In this world-wide only at Heaven of Sound available singing bowl series the ancient Himalayan tradition meets the Native American spirit!!

All these special and unique singing bowls meet the highest premium sound healer grade quality standard PLUS all these beautiful singing bowls resonate to the Planetary Universal Harmonic healing frequencies, documented in the accompanying certificate!

The first 6 Native American Spirit Planetary Tibetan Singing Bowls are now available and until August 14 they are on a time limited Introduction Offer 10% Off!

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A year ago we opened the virtual doors of HeavenofSound.com for the first time. It has been a year of learning,growing and meeting new friends. To celebrate this milestone we are having a special sale from Aug. 6 to 14!

Happy 1st Birthday Heaven of Sound - Aug. 2016

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Heaven of Sound's Special Offer

48 hours Only - Special OFFER: $75 additional Discount on this stunning Master engraved Singing Bowl !

Offer ends June 16, 2016

Master engraved Sirius A/B Planetary Singing Bowl

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It’s June! A kiss of the summer to come, time to honor brides, grads and dads.
Congratulations to them all, for all they have done,
for all they will do, and for reaching a milestone in their lives.

Father's Day SALE at Heaven of Sound!

Happy Father's Day is just around the corner &
Heaven of Sound honors that special day with a ...

  • Make your Dad, Grad, Husband  or Yourself a really unique Gift!
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$101 discount for 7 Day compact workshop Sound Healing with Planetary Singing BowlsHeaven of Sound's Special Offer

Last minute OFFER: $101 Discount for 1-week compact Sound Healing Workshop with Planetary Tibetan Singing Bowls!

Atttention Ringing Bell Tibetan singing bowls with planetary healing tones

Last chance to register for this 7 Days Sound Healing Workshop, May 23 - 29 at Heaven of Sound.
Registration closes on May 16 at midnight (PST) & we still have a few spots left!

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It is really Spring! Sunshine and rain showers, warm noons, cool evenings. The "green gun" has fired and all of the formerly brown fields are lush with new grass.

Workshop in sound healing with planetary Tibetan singing bowls

This is a time of new beginnings. Why not start your own new experience with healing vibrations? Discover the history and uses of the healing of sound in our intensive hands-on classes. Explore your spirituality and find relaxation and joy in the sound of healing with Planetary Tibetan singing bowls in our 7 day compact workshop May 23-29!

Spring & Mother's Day SALE!Or check out our big Spring SALE! We are offering great discounts store-wide. Shop here.

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Easter SALE, Big Discounts; March 21 - April 3 at Heaven of Sound

Easter Newsletter Heaven of Sound - Part 1

We are marching along here at Heaven of Sound! There is so much going on that we barely know where to begin.

Keep an eye out for our actual Easter Sale! From the week preceding until the week following Easter (March 21- April 3) we will have some incredible savings for you!

Read more about our Easter Discounts + Special Offer on sound healing classes ...

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Still spots available in our introduction classes; Register today & Get $25 Off!

Learn how to play and how to improve your well-being and health with Special healing Tibetan singing bowls, Burmese gongs and Monochords/Sound Bed

April 2+3, 9am-6pm             April 16+17, 9am-6pm

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Tibetan singing bowl - North America series with Tree of Life engraving Spirit of Northe America series: Eagle carved Tibetan singing bowl

The world-wide first and only exclusive and very limited "Spirit of North America" series of certified healing Tibetan singing bowls, wherein Himalayan tradition meets Native American spirit!! PLUS these special singing bowls all resonate to Planetary Universal harmonic healing frequencies!

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