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Certified Tibetan Himalayan Singing Bowls with Planetary Healing Tones

We offer the largest collection of certified & premium sound healer grade Tibetan singing bowls with Planetary healing frequencies in North America

Premium quality for personal mediation, healing + wellness and for professional sound practitioner + sound therapists

Why you want to buy your Tibetan Singing Bowls from Heaven of Sound™?
What is your benefit of purchasing an ancient sound instrument with a Certified healing frequency from us?
Here are some of the reasons:
   Our selection process  -  Our certification  -  Our knowledge  -  Our dedication

Certified sound instruments to their universal healing harmonics - 100% guaranteedVibrations from a Tibetan singing bowl are known to stimulate the Chakra and the immune system. As every part of our body is vibrating, the appropriate sound frequencies created by a Certified Singing Bowl can help to restore, optimize and balance the flow of energy in the parts of the body (or mind) where this is required. When you buy a Heaven of Sound™ certified singing bowl you are buying quality backed by knowledge.
In the Certificate accompanying every singing bowl we explain to you for what healing process you can use your purchased Tibetan, Chakra or machine-made singing bowl, what healing effects it can have, where to place it and how to use it!

If you like to explore more of the beneficial healing effects and the traditional uses of these ancient sound instruments you may want to sign up for one of the seminars, workshops or educational programs at Heaven of Sound™ 's Seminar Center.

Master engraved giant singing bowl

Each of our handmade Tibetan singing bowls with Universal or Planetary Healing Harmonics is uniquely individual.
Hand-hammered and created one by one in India and Nepal, no two are exactly alike. Each sings with its own beautiful voice. We travel to India to personally select our singing bowls. We carefully analyze and certify each of our Tibetan singing bowls to identify their healing effects and we sell each one individually.

Because these bowls are handcrafted from raw materials, there is a lot of variance in form and finish. A bowl may not be perfectly round or may not stand exactly straight up, there may be voids or inclusions in the finish, sometimes there are even smudges of fingerprints (or toe prints!) from the makers of the bowls. These are all unique characteristics of each bowl, contribute to its own individual sound and are signs of authenticity.
When a bowl has the Heaven of Sound™ Logo and is tested and certified by us you know that it is a fine quality sound instrument with healing frequencies and vibrations.

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AUDIO RECORDINGS: You can listen to all our sound instruments as we have introduced a high quality stereo audio sample with each one. We recommend that you listen to the sound clips with good headphones as most computer speakers and smartphones cannot reproduce the richness and complexity of sounds these singing bowls produce.


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