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Classes in Personal Sound Healing

Find here all of our Classes and Courses for Personal Sound Healing, Meditation and Well-being from Introduction to Advanced Level

Youwant to know more about the planetary / universal healing vibrations and how to use them your own personal well-being or healing process?
In Heaven of Sound's Personal Classes you learn how to best use, place and play special tuned Tibetan singing bowls, temple gongs, ancient string instruments like the Pythagorean monochord or the powerful and in the U.S. nearly unknown vibro-acoustic sound bed or monochord table.
The learning experience of the various sound healing instruments will be combined with an introduction to the Planetary or universal healing vibrations which all of our sound healing instruments are certified to.
This revolutionary European periodic system of healing harmonics collects ancient knowledge beyond the well known Chakra vibrations and puts it into a modern form for easy application in our Western world. 
These seminars can be taken for your own personal use or as a foundation for our professional certification programs.

Certification Programs for Professional Sound Healer

Find here all Professional Certification Programs for Sound Healing Therapists & Practitioners and Guided Sound Meditation Coaches 

Youwish to add Sound Healing as a new or additional modality to your toolbox of healing skills? Does the idea of healing with sound intrigue you?
We offer three different certification training programs:
(1)  a compact program to become a guided sound meditation coach,
(2)  a more intensive training to become a sound healing practitioner (sound massage for health and well-being),
(3) the most comprehensive program to become a sound healing therapist.

All of Heaven of Sound's Certification programs are intense hands-on training given in segments (core modules) with time for assignments and homework to practice what you've learned between the core modules.
The core modules are offered at our Sound Healing Academy in North Idaho, an incredible recreational destination with hotels and motels in all price ranges. The assignments and exercises will be done at your home and be supervised and mentored with on-line tools.

Outside of Sound Healing Academy Heaven of Sound

Welcome to Heaven of Sound™

Heaven of Sound is dedicated to the sharing & spreading of the science and art of improving health and well-being using therapeutic modalities of sound and music.

The Sound Healing Academy of Heaven of Sound offers in-depth hands-on courses and training programs that safely instruct interested people how to use sound either for themselves or professionally in their community to improve health, well-being and oneness.

Inside of Sound Healing Academy Heaven of Sound

Heaven of Sound wishes to encourage the principles of Planetary Healing Vibrations, a revolutionary system of specific Universal Harmonics founded in Europe (Switzerland) as applied to ancient and traditional sound healing instruments. Our sound instruments of choice are overtone instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, Burma temple gongs, Native American instruments, different varieties of ancient Pythagorean monochords, and their descendants, the KoTaMo and the powerful vibro-acoustic Sound Bed or monochord table.

Gorgeous & quite surroundings at Heaven of Sound

Heaven of Sound™ was founded in the USA in 2014 by Dr. Rainer Michaelis, a Swiss immigrant who brought with him his professional education and over 10 years of experience as a Certified Sound and Music Therapist, Reiki Master and Instrument Builder (Luthier). His passion and joy in his profession shows in every line of the sound healing instruments he builds and in every word of his lectures and courses. Many years of practicing as a Sound Therapist in Europe, including a year spent as a therapist in a Swiss spinal injury (paraplegic) rehabilitation center gave him a great respect and understanding of the principals and history of sound used to aid healing and wellness.
Heaven of Sound's goal is to give our personal seminar participants the knowledge and skills to be able to give themselves safe and specific help to improve their health and well-being and our professional sound healer students the comprehensive knowledge and security to start their businesses with extensive experiences and proven sound healing techniques. 

Heaven of Sound is located in pristine nature setting

Heaven of Sound continuously shares and researches new Sound Therapy techniques and new Healing Vibrations which helps us to understand the profound effects Sound has on our body, mind emotions and spirit. Many of these actual findings find their way into the actual classes and education programs.
Heaven of Sound is located in the breathtakingly beautiful and quite nature of the U.S. Rocky Mountains in Northern Idaho, an ideal place to experience the power and depth of sound and healing and to combine your class or education with a unforgettable vacation at the lake Pend Oreille and the Schweitzer mountains.

Please contact us for further information. 

WHY CHOOSE heaven of sound ?

You should pick us

  • Direct hands-on lectures, exercises and training modules
  • Safe and protected space to make full sound experiences
  • Small group classes to allow in-depth learning & tailoring to the needs of the students
  • Professional sound therapist and mentor to guide you

On-line courses and E-Learning offers even including a certification are becoming ever more popular these days. The reason for this trend is you can easily and comfortably learn at home in front of your computer, you do not have to travel and organize accommodations.
BUT when it comes to Sound and Vibrations the truth is that these classes and programs are NOT adequate as they NEITHER let you directly feel and experience the Sound and its effects NOR do they provide you with a protected space or professional assistance should an unexpected and unwanted response happen to you.

Allof Heaven of Sound’s personal courses and professional education programs are hands-on, where we offer a protected space with an experienced professional sound therapist to step in right away as needed. This allows you to safely and fully experience the power of sound and all possible effects of the special planetary healing vibrations. In our personal courses you will experience the tremendous benefits for your own well-being and health and where to be cautious. In our professional programs you will learn in-depth how to select the preferred healing vibrations for a sound treatment and to take best care of your clients and of yourself.
Every class and training is small enough to be tailored to the needs and the progress of the students to guarantee best possible understanding, skill set and know-how for everyone.
When you give sound you also receive it. You are a part of the process. Sound work is like a living interactive thing that does not always go as planned. It is important to us that our private participants can explore all the possible effects a healing vibration can have before they treat themselves at home; and that our students are prepared for the unexpected so they have the confidence to behave in a calm professional manner when treating clients. Healing can come from quietness but it also can come from chaos. It is vital that you experience some of this in a safe controlled environment, like the one we provide for you here.


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