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Corona crisis & How we like to Help.

Heaven of Sound's contribution to help through COVID-19Help from Heaven of Sound through the times of COVID-19Heaven of Sound is lowering the prices of all certified Tibetan singing bowls for the duration of this emergency to allow everyone to afford a Healing singing bowl! See our offers here: https://heavenofsound.com/singing-bowls

May 2020: Reduced Prices on All Tibetan singing bowls to help through COVID-19 from Heaven of Sound

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Tibetan singing bowl - North America series with Feathers engraving Spirit of North America series: Bear carved Tibetan singing bowl

We are proud to announce that our exclusive Etched and Engraved "Spirit of North America" series of Tibetan singing bowls is now on-line available!

In this world-wide only at Heaven of Sound available singing bowl series the ancient Himalayan tradition meets the Native American spirit!!

All these special and unique singing bowls meet the highest premium sound healer grade quality standard PLUS all these beautiful singing bowls resonate to the Planetary Universal Harmonic healing frequencies, documented in the accompanying certificate!

The first 6 Native American Spirit Planetary Tibetan Singing Bowls are now available and until August 14 they are on a time limited Introduction Offer 10% Off!

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Today save 20% on this etched and engraved Tibetan singing bowl!
This medium beautiful singing bowl resonates to Chiron in the fundamental with a Lilith overtone. This is a wonderful singing bowl for self-healing by accepting our shadow side

Save 20% on this beautiful engraved


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Today save 20% on this etched and engraved Tibetan singing bowl!
This big beautiful bowl resonates to Earthday Star in the fundamental with a Saturn overtone. This is a wonderful bowl for stabilization and balance

Save 20% on this beautiful etched and engraved Tibetan singing bowl!


The Tara, the lady Buddha, gazes in serenity from the center as as you play, offering refuge and compassion as you bask in the soothing vibrations of her bowl.

And here you can see this special offer on YouTube

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Daily Holiday (Advent) OFFER at Heaven of Sound
Dec. 7: Tibetan Temple Bell + Dorje Sets for $10, $20 and $30 OFF!


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Give the Gift of Sound at GREAT Savings

Get a Tibetan Singing Bowl, a Burmese Temple Gong, a Tubular Bell, a Koshi or Tingsha or another beautiful Healing Sound Instrument - A unique Gift that will always be remembered!


HUGE Christmas SALE, Dec. 6 - 20 at Heaven of Sound: BIG Savings on Singing Bowls, Gongs, Bells, Gifts

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Advent - 24 Days of the Season SALES at Heaven of Sound

Dec. 4: 15% OFF this beautiful engraved "Chiron" Singing Bowl!

Heaven of Sound Special SALES of the Season - Dec. 4: 15% OFF this lovely engraved
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Black Friday - Great Sales + Deals at Heaven of Sound on Nov. 27-29

It is Heaven of Sound's first BLACK FRIDAY!

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We have wonderful DEALS and SALES for you, up to 25% OFF store-wide!

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Find your marvelous Tibetan Singing Bowl, a stunning genuine Burmese Gong or another ancient healing sound instrument for your well-being!Make a Gift of Sound (Massage) to someone you love!

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Give a gift of healing sound to someone you love! 

We are excited and happy to open our e-doors for the very first time!

Dragonline Bowl Special Offer Grand Opening
We welcome all of our past customers and our new customers to our new store and hope you have as much pleasure browsing our pages as we had in creating them.

To celebrate the opening and to share our joy with you, we are offering dragons as our Grand Opening special and we have a few other goodies for our first e-customers as well.