Welcome to Heaven of Sound™

Welcome to Heaven of SoundHere you will find a careful selection of sound instruments for both those wishing to support their own health and wellness as well as those professionals who use sound as part of holistic healing. Sound therapy has become more and more recognized as an important tool when used in combination with traditional western medicine and/or holistic health treatments as well as a highly effective method in the treatment of stress related illness.  To learn more about us and our company please read our About Us

Ancient sound music healing

Sound has been used as support for health and wellness since prehistoric times. No tribe or clan was complete without its healer and spiritual leader and they used sound, rattles, drums, bull-roarers, whistles, flutes and chanting, to name a few, in their rituals and to enhance their use of herbs and the medical knowledge of the time. When metal working became known then singing bowls, gongs and later tubular bells were added to their selection of healing sound instruments.
In ancient Greece the great scientist and philosopher Pythagoras stretched a single string across a board with a movable bridge and, with this first monochord, defined the mathematical properties of the musical scale and harmonics that we use to this day. Each new development of technology opened new possibilities to create instruments leading to the incredibly sophisticated instruments we have today.

Pythagoras sound music instrumentsAs the eons passed, some instruments proved themselves to be especially powerful healing tools. These instruments and their making has changed little over time. The esoteric knowledge of creating and using these instruments was passed down from healer to apprentice, teacher to student through mostly oral tradition, and the western ear had to fumble to find appropriate frequencies, with varied results.

Then in the late 1970's a Swiss mathematician and musicologist  set forth a sort of periodic table of healing frequencies. Hans Cousto, in his book "The Cosmic Octave" describes a system of defining healing frequencies, relating them to the vibrational rotational frequencies of our planets, solar system and galaxy. The math involved is very complex, new healing frequencies are still being discovered as we learn accurate mathematical discoveries about the movement of our universe. Measuring the tones and overtones that an instrument produces with great accuracy allows us today to design and build or to find sound instruments for very specific healing purposes.

Cousto - Cosmic Octave - Universal HarmonicsHeaven of Sound™ offers Tibetan singing bowls and Burma gongs with those original thirteen planetary frequencies, plus frequencies for the phases and movements of the Earth moon and other or newer special frequencies. Some are so newly discovered that we know little about their effects on the body, mind or spirit. 
We also design and build a variety of special healing sound instruments as monochords, sound beds, KotaMos, Native American flutes, Shamanic drums and tubular bells, that can be tuned to these Universal Harmonics. We offer workshops where you can build your own Native American flute or shamanic drum and play the rhythms that move you personally. We have workshops for kids where kids and their parents or grandparents can build simple instruments and start their own way along the path of healing vibrations. 

If you want to learn more about these wonderful overtone instruments, Heaven of Sound™ holds several levels of seminars and workshops for the singing bowls, the gongs, tubular bells and the stringed instruments designed for your personal wellbeing and health. We also offer a certification program for those who wish to become a Sound Practitioner to professionally offer sound massages for relaxation and wellness or to become Sound Therapist, who want to use sound as a therapeutic tool.