Testimonials of Heaven of Sound's Customers & Clients

Heaven of Sound Testimonials from Customers & Clients

Aug 2019 - Koriander, NC:

Rosewood Kotamo Bridges, 5 out of 5 stars 
I wanted a new set of bridges for my Kotamo as the ones I had from the original company I'd purchased my instrument from were not holding up well. Rainer was, not only willing to work with me, but customized my set to fit the instrument I'd purchase elsewhere. The new bridges are sturdier, much more stable and hold the strings securely. They are aesthetically pleasing and the resultant sound is pristine.
Rainer and Heaven of Sound are vibrant expressions of his integrity in craftsmanship, experience and outstanding business interaction. I look forward to the possibility of acquiring a beautiful sound instrument from them in the future. I highly recommend Heaven of Sound for your next healing sound instrument.

May 2019 - Carrie M.; New Zealand:

When I needed help to figure out what I size rings I needed for my Singing Bowls, they helped me even though I'm in NZ and it would be too expensive to buy from them. Really appreciate the time they spent.
Super caring, over and above what I could have wished for.
Many many Thanks
And because of you I got the right sizes and at a price I could afford.

May 2019 - Beverly W., OH:

Burma Nipple Gong - High Quality Sound - AA+++
How was your overall experience using your new sound healing instrument? The very first time I heard the audio file on the Burma Nipple Gong 30", I nearly fell out of my chair it was SO peaceful and relaxing! When I finally received it and placed it on the stand to play - the SAME thing occured. Good thing I was kneeling on the floor - ha!
I highly recomend buying from Heaven of Sound as Rainer and Maureen are so PASSIONATE with their sound instruments, making sure that you get the best! Let's not forget Customer service as I rate this experience AAA+++, and it came so WELL PACKED! This experience was FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY! If you are wavering on what to get, they are VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE at helping you decide. Plus if you want another instrument to harmonize with your new purchase, they are VERY helpful in helping you choose the right one that will accompany what you do have.
Thanks to Rainer and Maureen for making my dreams come true of owning a well made, high quality Gong that came all the way from Burma! I am FOREVER grateful! : - )

Jan 2019 - Sarah, T., FL:

The Divine Communication set and Tibetan Bells we bought are all that we hoped for, and more.
The singing bowls are not only beautiful, they also produce delicate and effortlessly complex tones.  It's a perfect starter set for those that are curious about the properties of sound and frequency on mood, mindset, and enlightenment.
Best of all, the bowls sing in perfect harmony with each other, giving a newbie like me the confidence to play them.
The Tibetan bells are equally impressive with their intricate art work and strong clear tone. I do find the smaller tibetan bell a little strong for my liking, but no doubt, it keeps you present and awake.  
This is in contrast to the medium bell, which i find is fuller bodied and softer around the edges.
We will definitely be back in the near future to expand our collection. Many thanks!

Jan 2019 - Nancy L., ID:

Thank you for all your history explaining on singing bowls and customizing a program for me such as personalized treatment on that sound bed and detailed samples of sounds. Thank you so much both of you for your dedication and life‘s work. I will continue bringing people to your beautiful sanctuary.
Thank you again, Nancy

Sep 2018 - Kelsie H., CA:

The sound therapy certification training is a great program for anyone wanting to learn sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls and planetary harmonics. I very much enjoyed my time at Heaven of Sound! After completing the coarse I feel confident and capable of treating clients with many different needs.

Jul 2018 - M. Lyons, TN:

I am very particular when it comes to most aspects of my life & even more so in regards to my involvement in other people's foundations & views. When I search the web for anything that would affect such positions, the store I choose to purchase from is of extreme importance. I must be able to trust the seller! It usually takes me hours just to find the perfect store. Once I find the store, the critical process begins all over again.. so for me to write this review, says a lot about the product as well as the store, Heaven Of Sound! I am extremely pleased with my entire selecting & purchasing experience. I am also extremely pleased with the quick delivery time & packaging & importantly, the very beautifully crafted work of art that helps heal. Thank you, Rainer & Maureen!!

May 2018 - Jan C., TN:

"KoTaMo Ecstasy" - I love my custom KoTaMo from Heaven of Sound. It is absolutely beautiful - the workmanship is superb! The process of designing it and seeing it being built was fantastic. I received pictures all along the way. Everything was exactly as ordered and as promised.
Most importantly, my sound healing clients love it! The first word someone used to describe it was "Mesmerizing". My husband has said it is his favorite of all my sound healing bowls, gongs, shakers, drums, and crystal instruments. And I love playing it. The time flies by when I play. I love singing with it too.
Many thanks to Heaven of Sound for providing me with this wonderful instrument and experience. Second to none!

April 2018 - Henry J., GA:

I have received the bell and dorje set and am most pleased. The workmanship is beautiful, and the bell's sound is the same as that of a singing bowl I purchased many years ago, only one octave higher.
Thanks for a fine product.
Sincerely, Henry J.

Jan 2018 - Barbara Z., ID:

Monochord - Rainer does exquisite work! He made me the most beautiful monochord that looks and sounds divine. Everyone loved it when I  played it at a recent  Sound Bath meditation. My individual clients have said it is a deeply healing soothing sound that enhances  their sound healing sessions. Rainer went the extra mile every step of the way. He had great communication skills  sharing photos of the progress as the monochord was being made. He responded to my emails and phone calls in a timely and efficient manner.  He also showed genuine sincere concern that all my requests and needs were met to provide the best service and build a precision instrument.

Oct 2017 - Marian, VT:

Please know that I am so happy with the replacement. It's very
sound-effective, and the shape, color, and fabric are very complimentary to
my bowl. We have made a marble stand for it so that this new mallet can
stand next to our beautiful bowl.
Before retirement, I was a teacher, a Reiki Master, and a small business
owner. I feel very, very comfortable with your company's fine ethics.
Thank you, Marian