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OCEAN DRUMS in 3 sizes -
Our Standard version "SURF" and
our Upgraded PREMIUM version "SURF & SAND"

*Don't miss out - they go fast!*

Whether your beach of choice is the warm white sand of the South Pacific, the rocky coast of Monterrey or some other incredible coastline on our Mother Earth, these drums can take you there. Gently rock them to bring the sounds of the sea, from the smallest waves to the crashing of a storm, alive under your hands.

It took us a long time to find Ocean Drums to meet Heaven of Sound high standards. These drums fit the bill not only in quality of construction - but more importantly - in quality of sound. They are imported from Germany and built with genuine goat hides - far better sounding than the mostly used Mylar synthetic skins on other ocean drums - on both sides of a wooden frame and filled with steel pellets.

Our ocean drums carry two shaved raw hides, which are naturally slightly different to each other, thus turning the drum around gives you an even wider tonal palette of sound!

We enhance the appearance of all of our ocean drums with high quality brocaded ribbons bands (see second photo for some examples). Ribbon colors and motifs are random. 

Please note: The color and style of the ornamental trim (brocaded ribbon) will vary from the photos. The color of the beater has changed from red to white (see last photo).  

These magnificent ocean drums are large enough for group settings, yet not overwhelming when you are alone. They can be played as a Shamanic drum with the optional available ocean drum mallet, The steel beads give it a snared sound when struck.  

  • The large measures 22" (55 cm) in diameter and is 3" (7.62 cm") deep.
  • The medium measures 20" (50 cm) in diameter and is 3"  (7.62 cm") deep.
  • The small measures 18" (45 cm) in diameter and is 3" (7.62 cm") deep.
  • Two natural rustic and slightly  different genuine goat skins on Heaven of Sound ocean drums produce a wide palette of different sounds!
  • An optional soft padded head drum beater with a shaped wooden handle, especially designed for these ocean drums, is separately available for order (not included!). The drum beater allows to play the ocean drum as a Shamanic drum when held upright. It may vary from the one in the picture.

Upgraded PREMIUM Ocean Drums "SURF & SAND available in our store in limited quantities! 
These PREMIUM Ocean Drums have an even broader sound spectrum, which can not only produce the ocean waves sound - from gentle rolling in to roaring and crushing at the shore. In addition they can reproduce the hiss and tumble of the tiny grains of sand as the wave subsides.

Important: The goat hides of our ocean drums are natural, that means they may have some shaded spots, light coloration or roughness, which is part of their genuine charm and authenticity, and a sign that they are not synthetic!

Please allow 3-5 business days for this customization when you order the upgraded Premium Ocean Drum Surf & Sand.

IMPORTANT Note on Shipping:

Because of the rapid increase in shipping costs our store shipping calculator does not always accurately calculate the shipping cost for oversize items like ocean drums.
Ocean drums need to be shipped via FedEx, not USPS!
Please contact Heaven of Sound for a shipping quote. Heaven of Sound reserves the right to bill the customer for any additional shipping costs before shipping the product, in particular when the incorrect USPS shipping method was chosen. We will notify the customer before billing so you can decide whether to proceed with the purchase or not.


Please find below 3 sample audio files for standard Ocean Drums SURF plus 3 audio recordings of our upgraded Premium Ocean Drums "Surf & Sand"

Audio file of a 55 cm (22") Ocean Drum Surf:

Audio file of an upgraded 55 cm (22") Ocean Drum Surf & Sand:

Audio file of a 50 cm (20") Ocean Drum Surf:

Audio file of an upgraded 50 cm (20") Ocean Drum Surf & Sand:

Audio file of a 45 cm (18") Ocean Drum Surf:

Audio file of an upgraded 45 cm (18") Ocean Drum Surf & Sand:

Please listen with good stereo headphones!

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