Personal & Professional Certifications in Sound Healing - New March & April Classes

Winter is slowly nearing its end and Spring is at the door step!
A perfect time to start something NEW for this year:
  • Discover the world of Singing Bowls, Gongs & Bells and how You can use them for Personal Sound Healing and Your own well-being
  • Become a Certified Professional Sound Healer to give Health & Wellness to others in your community.
Our NEW March/April Classes & Educations Schedule is out!
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$200 Off every prof. training starting in April - Use code: Training200

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Personal Classes @ Heaven of SoundFind here all of our Classes and Courses for Personal Sound Healing, Meditation and Well-being from Introduction, over Advanced Level to Personal Certification 

Professional Education Programs @ Heaven of SoundFind here all Professional Certification Programs for Sound Healing Therapists, Sound Healing Practitioners and Sound Meditation / Sound Bath Coaches

Sound Healing System of Certified Planetary Healing Vibrations

The Sound Healing System of Certified Planetary Healing Vibrations

  • What are Planetary Healing Vibrations?
  • How can I personally or as a professional sound healer benefit from these Planetary Harmonics and learn about them in a certification class?

Heaven of Sound uses the revolutionary new classification system of planetary healing frequencies developed by Hans Cousto (Switzerland) to classify all of our Tibetan singing bowls and Burma gongs. Those of you who work with tuning forks might have some experience with this “periodic table” of healing frequencies. This system works with all sound healing instruments and gives us an accurate, practical resource for identifying which frequencies are likely to produce the desired effect in a quick and easy to understand format!

Some people and sound healer like to use the frequencies that spirit guides them to, and if you are truly tuned in and be sure that you are using the spiritual guidance and not your own opinions, that may work. But this path has its traps and risks!

The system of Planetary Healing Vibrations on the other hand gives us the guidance we need – even for those of us who do not walk the esoteric path. This system gives everyone a solid starting point. In Europe this system has extensively been applied over the past 4 decades and has repetitive being verified to work and has shown amazing healing results!

The revolutionary system of Planetary Healing Vibrations can help You too, either to personally improve your own well-being and health, to treat pain or ailments or as a professional massage therapist, holistic practitioner or sound healer to fill your toolbox with a valuable knowledge and an additional modality.

This is why Heaven of Sound offers 2 different ways to learn all about this system of Planetary Healing Frequencies:

Sound Healing System of Certified Planetary Healing VibrationsHands-on versus Online Educations

  • What are the differences between hands-on classes and certification programs at Heaven of Sound and on-line Webinars some schools offer?
  • Why does these differences matter for You?

Sound is powerful! Think of it. We are influenced to love, to shop, to relax, to exercise or even to go to war – with sound and music. When you work with sound and particular healing frequencies things are happening! Whether you are treating yourself or working with clients there are things you need to experience and understand. We at Heaven of Sound take your safety very seriously and guarantee in our hands-on classes and education programs a secure space and professional guidance to safely make these experiences while trying different healing vibrations. As we cannot give you that secure space or guarantee a safe experience when you are remotely participate via computer in an on-line class working with sound, Heaven of Sound does not offer on-line courses, but professional guided hands-on classes and certification programs in our Sound Healing Academy in North-Idaho.

Sound is cool. Sound healing is even cooler. The idea of working with sound really resonates with some people and those are the ones who will likely follow up their curiosity.

The way we experience these frequencies in our bodies, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual one, is nothing short of amazing. At some point in each of our hands-on seminars or educations each participant will go deeply into resonance with a frequency. Sometimes it is a wonderful feeling of deep spirituality. Sometimes the frequency touches the root of a problem or blockade in one of the four body areas and it isn’t so nice – but there is where the healing is needed and where it will start.

In the personal introduction classes and certification courses you experience these sensations yourself and find the frequencies that will be most useful to your own self healing.

In the professional certification programs you go deeply into each frequency. Depending on your goal, Coaching, Practitioner or Therapist, you learn how to deal with these effects, whether to pull back a client from going into process, such as when leading a sound meditation or giving a sound massage, or to press on, guiding and supporting the client while they follow their own path to healing.

Sound can heal and sound can harm. Sound workers must never harm. To keep your clients safe on their healing journey you need to know what you are doing and what to do when things don’t go as expected.
Sound healing work is a richly rewarding field in itself and its potential is just starting to be explored in the USA. Check out our Education programs and register Now!

Sound is an important part of holistic health care. Sound instruments can be a valuable addition to any healing work, combining sound with classical massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, kinesiology – indeed most holistic type work. A treatment on a vibro-acoustical sound bed or monochord table relaxes an client and can ready them for physical massage, Reiki, or energy work. Call us toll free at (844) SOUND-11 and come out and see our store.

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