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Professional Certification Training Programs - Sound Mediation Coach, Sound Healing Practitioner, Sound Vibrational Therapist

Professional Sound Healing Certification Courses & Training Programs in Sound Vibrational Therapy, Sound Massage Practitioner (SPA + Wellness) and Sound Meditation Coach (Group Sound Baths) - Hybrid Learning Programs, in-person, hands-on and on-line at the Sound Healing Academy Heaven of Sound in North Idaho

Guided Healing & Relaxation Sound Meditation for GroupsSound Healing Meditation, Massage and Therapy using overtone instruments and techniques is a relatively new type of holistic treatment based on ancient knowledge. It is an exciting new field, growing and developing, with new findings every year.
Treatment with sound, including both sound bath + massage for wellness and balance plus the deeper, more intense sound therapy for healing processes, is already an important part of holistic health care in Europe; sound treatments are quite often covered by insurance there.

Heaven of Sound™ offers new 3 different professional certification programs for the sound meditation or sound bath coach, the sound massage practitioner and the sound healing therapist at our Sound Healing Academy in North Idaho. These 3  professional education programs are designed to accommodate both, those seeking sound healing as a profession and those holistic professional who wish to add this modality to their skill set. We offer all education programs either as full and complete training including the prerequisite introductory class or as upgrade education training for all students having already taken the introduction course.

Sound Therapy is a very important part of the whole category Music Therapy. In the past, to receive certification for sound treatment, the serious seeker had to chose between either the collegiate, lengthy and very expensive music therapy education program or weekend seminars for sound treatment that just did not provide enough information and depth to give a complete working education.
Heaven of Sound™ recognized the need for something in between and designed these 2 professional certification programs to be complete and affordable for the professional sound therapist or sound practitioner. Our certification classes are held small enough to guarantee that every student receives maximal personal instruction and guidance.

The sound meditation coach, the sound healing practitioner and the sound therapist will master the use of planetary singing bowls and the revolutionary new European sound healing system of planetary or universal harmonics.

The shortest education program for a certified sound mediation coach enables and certifies you to perform powerful sound healing meditations, also commonly known as sound baths, in a group setting. This educational program is designed to securely and professionally bring wellness, balance, harmony and energy to your group participants in a protected space and in a guided way, and also to identify when people go into an unexpected, maybe even unwanted, resonance or a strong transformation process and may need to consult a Sound Healing Practitioner or even a Sound Healing Therapist for individual sound healing treatments.

The 2nd and longer education training for a certified sound massage practitioner is designed for sound healer who want to learn and to master the use of planetary singing bowls and the new sound healing system of planetary healing harmonics to provide to clients in a sound massage session:
  • Balance and alignment
  • Stress reduction, tension release
  • Deep relaxation and time out
  • Vitalization, strengthening
  • Regeneration, empowerment
  • Wellness, harmonization
You learn how to select the appropriate healing frequencies to accomplish the goal of the sound vibration massage, to bring back and stabilize a client who has unexpectedly begun a process during a wellness massage and to identify when a client would benefit from deeper therapeutic sound healing work.

In the most intense and longest 3rd education program of a certified sound healing therapist you will add to this knowledge the skill set to:
  • Accompany clients on a healing way in a therapeutic setting
  • Activate specific self-healing processes
  • Identify root causes underlying client’s health issue
  • Discover the best possible healing path for a client to travel
  • Choose appropriate healing harmonics for the optimal healing process
  • Provide /perform complete sound healing treatments throughout the healing process of client
  • Identify possible contra indication factors
  • Finalize or “round up” a healing step
  • Keep accurate records to track and monitor the client’s progress

Some health issues which have responded well to sound therapy:
  • Aches and pains
  • Instability, anxiety, fear
  • Stress, burn-out
  • Exhaustion, Fatigue
  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Aggression
  • Loss, grief, shock, trauma
• Rheumatism, arthritis, RA, gout
  • Cancer

Educational Training Program Set-Up:

  • Our education programs are offered as HYBRID Training:
  • 3  hands-on and in person core modules for the Sound Therapist and the Practitioner (core #1 with introduction, core #2, core #3/graduation, called class hours), respectively 2 modules for the Sound Meditation Coach will be held at our Sound Healing Academy in North Idaho to teach the important techniques in our safe school environment and to directly and interactively supervise the new learned practical steps.
  • The student exercises, assignments and case studies (called lab hours) will be performed at home and will be mentored and supervised remotely via email and on-line video meetings (Zoom, etc).

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Dates Education Program Tuition
Upon Request
Complete Education & Professional Certification Program 2024 to graduate as Sound Meditation Coach


2 spots:
Apr 5-13
Jun 17-22
Sep 11-15
Complete Education & Professional Certification Program 2024 to graduate as  Sound Wellness Massage Practitioner


2 spots:
Apr 5-14
Jun 16-23
Sep 11-15
Complete Education & Professional Certification Program 2024 to graduate as Sound Healing Therapist


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