Heaven of Sound™ Certification of superior quality sound healing instruments

Our certification - The result of our accurately and scientifically performed audio analysis and re-verification is that we can certify all our singing bowls and gongs. We can tell you which universal healing harmonic or planetary frequency each bowl or gong resonates to, both in fundamental and in the overtones. We actually even have people who have purchased their singing bowls elsewhere come to us and pay a fee to have their bowls tested and certified so that they will know the best uses for their bowls. Find more information about this certification process here.

When you buy a Tibetan singing bowl, Burma gong or other healing sound instrument from Heaven of Sound™, it comes with that certification and it carries our quality logo. We can tell you the recommended uses and placement of each singing bowl and the possible healing effects. We can also warn you which singing bowls with certain frequencies should not be placed and used near certain parts of the body or chakras.

When you buy a certified healing sound instrument from us you know what you are getting. We have customers in Europe who will pay the high international shipping costs just to get our certified singing bowls, even though there are several sellers of bowls with universal harmonics in Europe – because they know and trust the quality of the instruments that we sell.