Native American Spirit Planetary Tibetan Singing Bowls only at Heaven of Sound

Tibetan singing bowl - North America series with Feathers engraving Spirit of North America series: Bear carved Tibetan singing bowl

We are proud to announce that our exclusive Etched and Engraved "Spirit of North America" series of Tibetan singing bowls is now on-line available!

In this world-wide only at Heaven of Sound available singing bowl series the ancient Himalayan tradition meets the Native American spirit!!

All these special and unique singing bowls meet the highest premium sound healer grade quality standard PLUS all these beautiful singing bowls resonate to the Planetary Universal Harmonic healing frequencies, documented in the accompanying certificate!

The first 6 Native American Spirit Planetary Tibetan Singing Bowls are now available and until August 14 they are on a time limited Introduction Offer 10% Off!

Don't miss this chance and purchase your "North America series" singing bowl today!


Heaven of Sound
Heaven of Sound


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