How safe are Singing Bowls, Bells & Gongs from Corona Virus?

How to clean Singing Bowls, Bells & Gongs during COVID-19? Info from Heaven of Sound
  • In these times of the Corona virus pandemic we often get asked "What can I do if I use my Tibetan singing bowls on different people to be safe?"
  • How can I clean my singing bowl?
  • What can I use for cleaning?
  • Are there any side effects from the cleaning or what else should I consider to keep my bowls clean but safe from damage?

An interesting fact we came across and which is significant to the current pandemic: Viruses like the corona virus cannot (or only for a very short time) survive on copper or copper alloys such as brass and bronze, which all of our Tibetan singing bowls, bells, tubular bell chimes and gongs are made of! These results have recently been confirmed and been published in the New England Journal of Medicine

This property of several metals is called the oligodynamic effect (see wiki for more information This is why you may often find brass doorknobs in hospitals. However, corrosion of the surface by sweat can significantly reduce this property by forming a impervious patina layer.

Therefore, Tibetan singing bowls, brass or bronze gongs, bells and tubular bell chimes made from brass  are naturally safe and healthful to handle as well as listen to, but be sure to keep them protected and oiled, so the sweat on your hands does not cause them to corrode and form a patina that blocks their anti-microbial properties.

If you are planning to use your singing bowls on different persons in a SHORT period of time, lets say in an hour or 2-3 hours interval, you need to proactively clean your singing bowls. The safest method is to rub them off with an at least 60% alcohol. Alcohol will securely kill the virus but won't harm your beautiful singing bowl or gong. Do NOT use any aggressive cleaning agents like Chlorox or abrasive metal cleaner as they will damage your instruments metal surface and definitely will alter they sound and the certified healing frequencies (if you own a bowl from us)!

Unfortunately, the cleaning with alcohol will take of your protective singing bowl oil film from the bowls surface! Consequently, if you need to proactively clean the bowls with alcohol to be safe for "rapid" changes to different clients/persons or different treatments, you will have to retreat your bowls after cleaning with our cleaning and protection oil more regularly.

What is the interval for applying the protection oil after cleaning?
We recommend to re-oil a bowl after each alcohol treatment, but at least after a few alcohol cleanings!  When you live in an area close to the sea with a considerable air salt content, please re-oil your bowls very regularly and after each cleaning, as salt is very corrosive and aggressively attacks every metal surface including your valuable Tibetan singing bowl, bell or gong. If you are in need for larger amounts of our protection oil, order a bigger volume (1, 2 or 4 fl oz, larger volumes upon request).

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