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Throughout human history sound has been used for comforting and relaxation as well as an important part of treating injury, illness and disease. Music and sound are such an integral part of human culture that we often take it for granted, indeed, modern music education has been deemed an "extra" to education, not a basic building block, that influences every part of our life. Imagine, a wedding with no music, a movie with no soundtrack, even an advertisement with only talking. Music can make you laugh and make you cry, stir you up or calm you down. Why then is it surprising that sound has such a profound physical/mental/emotional/spiritual impact upon us?

BDH-Klinik Greifswald GmbH; Neurologisches Reha-Zentrum, GermanyHeaven of Sound can make no claims as to the healing effects of sound, but we personally use it every day in our own lives in combination with modern western and holistic medicine. Many scientific studies have been done, and are still ongoing, on the influence of sound on health. Europe is more advanced than the USA in accepting music and sound therapy as a healing tool; many of the large physical and neurological rehabilitation centers and many private clinics have their own music or sound therapist complete with sound instruments as monochord, sound bed, gongs or singing bowls. Sound treatments are now covered by some European insurance companies. The USA is becoming more aware of the effectiveness of this ancient knowledge and we hope that someday soon the use of sound as healing will become as accepted as that of therapeutic massage and acupuncture.

Endless Wholeness by diving into SoundSound Meditation: The use of sound to enhance the meditative state, to achieve deeper levels of trance for introspection and spiritual or emotional growth, to achieve serenity and self acceptance. Whatever you use meditation for, there is a frequency that will help your focus and clarity of purpose. Sound meditation can be done alone or in groups, with or without a guide.

Sound Massage: A beautiful time out of relaxation and wellness. A sound massage is performed by a professional sound practitioner, either to a single client or to a couple. The goal of a sound massage is lead the client into a deep state of relaxation and relief from stress. Sound massage can be a one time, a weekly or a monthly event, but each session stands alone and is not a part of a planned system of treatments to address a specific issue.

With singing bowl in waterSound TherapyThe heart of sound healing. A professional sound therapist is engaged in active treatment of specific issues. This should be done only by a trained and certified sound therapist. Sound vibrations are very powerful tools and should be treated with respect. Knowledge of the effects of the different universal healing frequencies on the human person is essential to success. Sound therapy can be successfully applied by its own, but also be combined with other holistic treatment methods.

    There are as many forms of sound treatment as there are cultures on our planet. Heaven of Sound has chosen the ancient tradition of overtone sound instruments such as the Tibetan singing bowls, the Burma nipple gongs and the monochord and its descendants, especially the rather recent and powerful variant, the Sound Bed, as our path to healing. We are also musicians and we use our musical instruments along with the sound instruments in our guided sound meditations and for personal enjoyment. Join us in our path of discovery to the wonderful, healthful effects of sound.
    If you are personally interested in learning how to use sound vibrations to treat yourself or even to become a professional and treat others read here about our introductory seminars and certification programs.


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    Photograph of the sound cradle treatment at the BDH-Klinik Greifswald used with permission of the clinic. Click on photo for link.