Limited exclusive Tibetan singing bowl series "Spirit of North America"

Tibetan singing bowl - North America series with Tree of Life engraving Spirit of Northe America series: Eagle carved Tibetan singing bowl

We are so excited!
Here are the first two of our exclusive Etched and Engraved "Spirit of North America" series wherein Himalayan tradition meets Native American spirit!! PLUS these beautiful singing bowls resonate to the Planetary Universal Harmonic healing frequencies!

The "Tree of Life" is on the left and the "Spirit of Eagle" is on the right. The inside rim is etched with the OM chant. Future motifs include owl, feathers, bear, wolf and elk. The Nepalese carvers are there in India with our owner NOW.

We will be importing a limited number of these bowls - Don't miss this chance and contact us to pre-order your "North America series" singing bowl today!
 We will post each new design as they are carved.


Heaven of Sound
Heaven of Sound


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