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Sound Healing Seminar & Classes: Learn all about Planetary Healing Harmonics & different Sound Instruments

Heaven of Sound's seminars & classesThe use of sound and music for health, healing & wellness has been practiced throughout recorded history and is probably as ancient as humanity itself.
Heaven of Sound™ is specialized in sound healing instruments, primarily Tibetan singing bowls, Burma temple gongs, Tubular Bells and ancient string instruments like the Monochord plus its modern descendant, the Sound Bed or Sound Table.
We want to spread our knowledge and experience to everyone who is interested, private persons as well as professionals. We would like to see the use of sound as healing become an integral part of holistic health care.
All of our courses are hands on and interactive. You will use our instruments to play and practice for yourselves and your classmates. We keep the class size small to ensure a maximum of individualized instruction.

We offer the following introductory and advanced classes for personal certification:

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls with Planetary Harmonics, Levels I, II & III - Each level is a 2-day seminar, usually offered on consecutive weekends. For prospects having longer travels we also offer a compact 7 days workshop, wherein all three Levels are taught together. These seminars are designed for personal healing & well-being and equip you with everything you need know to treat yourself with singing bowls. These 3 levels are also the prerequisite for our professional certification programs.
  • Moons, Bio Rhythms and Special Healing Frequencies - In this advanced 2-1/2 days classes you learn about the different frequencies for all the aspects of our Moon, about the bio rhythms and many of the special or recently discovered healing frequencies (like Dolphin tone, R. Steiner Sun etc.) and their uses.
  • Soundbed and Monochord - Explore in this weekend seminar the world's oldest string instrument, the Monochord and many of its variants like the fabulous but very unknown Sound Bed or Sound Table. Learn how to use these sound healing instrument for your personal healing and well-being.
  • Gongs and Tubular Bells - Everyone is familiar with their use as musical instruments in orchestras, but did you know that they are also healing sound instruments and can be tuned to planetary healing harmonics, to the chakras or your personal zodiac? Learn here more about it.
  • Custom courses & presentations - You or your group/team would like to know more about the amazing effects of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Burma Temple Gongs and other healing sound instruments. We can structure classes and seminars to meet the needs of your group; just contact us. for information as to cost and scheduling.

Sandpoint, IdahoThese sound healing seminars and classes are structured for those who wish to learn to use these instruments for their own personal health. These classes also form the foundation necessary if you wish to enter the certification educational trainings for professionals (sound healing practitioners & therapists) to safely offer sound healing meditations and treatments to others.

Our Sound healing seminars and classes are reasonably priced because we do not include meals or accommodation. But as we are located in a very beautiful part of the Northwest Rocky Mountains (North Idaho) we have, in close proximity, lodging for all budgets and cuisine of a variety and quality that may surprise you.


Schedule of Personal Sound Healing Seminars & Classes ★

Dates Seminar / Class Tuition
UPCOMING: July 1+2 Introduction to Personal Sound Healing with the ancient Monochord & the powerful new Sound Bed $360.00* / $385.00
UPCOMING: July 15+16 1st Introduction weekend to Personal Sound Healing with Planetary Singing Bowls $360.00* / $385.00
Aug 14-20 7-Day Certification in Personal Sound Healing with Planetary Singing Bowls, August $999.99* / $1100.00
Sep 2+3 Introduction weekend to Personal Sound Healing with Burma Temple Gongs + Chakra Tubular Bells $360.00* / $385.00
Oct 9- 15 7-Day Certification in Personal Sound Healing with Planetary Singing Bowls, October $999.99* / $1100.00
Sep 20-22 3-Day Advanced Class Sound Healing with Singing Bowls & 11 New Special Frequencies $500.00* / $575.00
Sep 25-27 3-Day Advanced Class Sound Healing with Singing Bowls &   7 Moon aspects + 4 Bio Rhythms $500.00* / $575.00
*): Early Bird Discount, for details see seminar description
Payment plans are available! Please contact us. All fees must be paid in full before start of class.