Advanced Seminar of Tibetan Singing Bowls with Moon Aspects + Bio Rhythms


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  • 3 Day Advanced Class of Sound Healing with Singing Bowls & the 7 aspects of the Moon + the 4 Bio Rhythms 2024
    A NEW Sound Healing System from Europe

    Tuition: $650.00

    Times:     3-day Class plus student assignments (case studies), in Fall 2024, TBD; 9am - 6pm
    Location: 20 min. from Sandpoint, ID
    Prerequisites: Intro classes level 1 - 3 or one professional training
    Registration Deadline:  TBD

  • In this hands-on seminar we step beyond the periodic system of the 15 fundamental planetary healing frequencies developed by H. Cousto (taught in personal classes level 1-3 or in one of our educational programs) and explore all of the 7 aspects of our Moon plus the 4 Bio Rhythms. In individual and partner sessions, we experience the sound healing effects of these new harmonies. This is a powerful extension of the fundamental planetary frequency set taught in the 3 introductory levels which will enhance your tool set for sound healing tremendously.

    The class includes meditations, hands-on practice, theory lessons, instructions and class literature. Coffee, tea and light snacks for morning and afternoon breaks are provided. You will use certified singing bowls provided by Heaven of Sound while participating in the seminar, so you don't need to have or bring some.

  • For purchase of singing bowls during or at the conclusion of the seminar we offer student discounts.

    Payment plans are available! Please contact us. All fees must be paid in full before start of class.

    Please carefully read our Seminar & Class Terms & Conditions.
    After the purchase of this class, we will send you a confirmation of your registration and the course agreement with the Seminar & Class Terms & Conditions!

Chart Recommended Accessories
Accessories to play your Tibetan singing bowl or Burma gong (s=strike, r=rub):
giant blue
XS / S
M / L
50-400g --- --- --- --- --- s & r --- ---
400-800g s --- --- --- --- r r ---
800-1200g --- --- --- s --- --- r ---
1000-2400g --- --- s --- --- --- r r
2000-3000g --- s --- --- --- --- --- r
> 3000g --- --- --- --- s --- --- ---


Accessories to place your Tibetan singing bowls:
Bowl diameter Embroidered pad Silk pad Ring cushion Felt cushion Silk cushion square Silk cushion round
< 12cm 11cm --- --- 12cm 12x12cm ---
12-20cm 17cm 16cm 14cm 15cm 15x15cm ---
20-23cm 17cm 16cm 16cm 20cm 18x18cm ---
23-28cm 22cm --- 20cm 20cm 22x22cm ---
28-33cm 22/30cm --- 30cm 25cm 22x22/27x27cm ---
33-41cm 30cm --- 30cm 30cm 27x27cm ---
> 41cm 40cm --- 40cm 40cm --- ---


Accessory to hang a Burma gong: Accessory for cleaning + preserving a bowl/gong:
Gong diameter <= 55cm
<= 22inch

Cleaning & Preservation Oil
30ml / 1 fl oz

Gong stand size M L XL