Symbols on Singing Bowls and Tingsha

You will find certain symbols and designs often repeated on Tibetan singing bowls and Tibetan cymbals (tingsha), including (but certainly not limited to):

Plain, not ornamented, non-Mandala singing bowlPlain with no ornamentation: Purity of shape and form with no distractions, austerity in the physical to enhance the metaphysical. Both Tibetan singing bowls and Tingsha are made in this style. They can be either matte, with a soft luster or polished to varying degrees of brightness, the hammer marks may or may not be smoothed away. This photo shows just how intricate simplicity can be...

OM signOM:  The OM sign shown here in Tibetan script, the sacred word, the beginning and end of mantras, the cosmic sound, the all. Quite often etched or engraved in Tibetan singing bowls, on Tingsha usually as a part of the OM mantra ...

The OM Mani Padme Hum Mantrashown here in Tibetan script. OM Mani Padme Hum, sometimes translated as the jewel in the lotus. This famous chanted prayer can be found in raised relief on tingsha and etched or engraved on Tibetan singing bowls. A powerful meditation chant. On tingsha these symbols will be usually found going around the instrument. On bowls they can be linear or in a circular pattern.


Buddha's eyesBUDDHA EYES or Wisdom Eyes:  This symbol represents the all-seeing eyes of Buddha. In Nepal, this symbol is found on the majority of stupas (Buddhist temples) shown as giant pairs of eyes staring out from all four sides of the main tower. They look out in the four directions to symbolize the omniscience (all-seeing) of Buddha. The Buddha eyes are so prevalent throughout Nepal, they have become a symbol of the country itself. They can also be found etched, chiseled and painted on rocks or buildings. 
The small dot between the eyes represents the third eye, a symbol of spiritual awakening. The curly mark between the eyes (where the nose would be) is the Sanskrit numeral one, which symbolizes the unity of all things and the one path to reach enlightenment—through the Buddha's teachings.

 The Dragon:  Unlike its demonic European counterpart, the Tibetan dragon is a creature of great creative power; a positive icon, representing the strong male yang principle of heaven, change, energy, wealth and creativity. Dragons are found on our special Dragon Lotus flower singing bowl series and on tingsha, almost always in pairs.

Ashtamangala or 8 auspicious symbolsThe Ashtamangala, or eight auspicious symbols, including the right turning conch, the endless knot, the two golden fish, the lotus flower, the jeweled parasol, the treasure vase, the wheel of the law, and the victory banner. You may see these often in Tingsha or in a Tibetan singing bowl as center ornamentation either together or sometimes just one of the symbols.

Celtic & other engravings, a recent innovation of Heaven of Sound to satisfy the needs of those adding Eastern meditation to their ancient Celtic traditions. Interesting designs to occupy the eyes and lead the mind to deeper levels. The Celtic knot is quite similar to the never ending knot of the Tibetans. Usually found only on singing bowls. We carry a couple of new and special engraving designs.

Worldwide exclusive Native American Spirit Tibetan Singing Bowls at Heaven of SoundNew and exclusively available at Heaven of Sound! The Native American Spirit Series - Legends meet and entwine in this marriage of East and West. Etched and Engraved Spirit animals of the new world ornament the center of these otherwise traditionally etched singing bowls, like the Bear, the Eagle, the Owl, the Raven, the Elk, the Cougar, the Feathers or the Tree of Life!

Besides symbolism, are you interested in learning more about Tibetan singing bowls which are especially tuned to particular Planetary Healing Frequencies and you could use to improve your well-being and health?
Heaven of Sound does not only certify all their Tibetan singing bowls, temple gongs and chimes we sell to these planetary harmonics, we also introduce and educate interested individuals and professionals in our Personal Classes and Professional Trainings the use of these healing vibrations for their own health and as healing modality.