Heaven of Sound's Selection Process of superior quality sound healing instruments

Our selection process - We go to India / Nepal and select our healing sound instruments individually. Every single one of our Singing Bowls, Burma Gongs, Tibetan Cymbals (Tingsha) and Bells must meet our high standards of superior quality in sound and construction, and most importantly, they must resonate to a universal healing harmonic or planetary frequency within a narrow tolerance.

Can you do this yourself? Of course you can. Get a visa, buy the tickets, but first make contacts with reputable partners in India who will gather the sound instruments for you and provide a place for you to work – an air conditioned place to work. Not many places are as hot as India is and even rather stable metal sound instruments will not sound the same when they are moved to a cooler climate. So before you test them you must cool them down. When you then get to India you must tour the villages where the sound instruments like singing bowls, bells or cymbals come from to be sure your partners in India are participating in fair trade and that most of the money you spend will get to the makers of the instruments. If you like beautiful etched and master engraved singing bowls you have to go to Nepal and if you like to get some stunning genuine Burma Gongs then in addition you also have to visit Burma (ex Myanmar). To travel there as well as India involves more visas and a lot more expenses.

So now you’re sitting in a somehow air conditioned (relatively cool, still in the mid to high 80’s) room in India with a mountain of singing bowls. Ok, now you need a sophisticated scientific audio spectrum analyzing system to record, test and analyze these bowls accurately to their fundamental and overtone frequencies. You also need to know what you are testing for and what sorts of bowls you are looking for; so an education and a few years practice is very useful here. Assume Now, you’ve got it all together and you’re ready to start analyzing and labeling the singing bowls and other sound instruments you will select. Out of each thousand singing bowls you analyze about one hundred will meet your criteria if you are lucky. So if you are looking to buy three or four hundred singing bowls with healing harmonics you first have to go through three or four THOUSAND bowls testing each individual one carefully. Each and every one of the many singing bowls that you selected must be recorded so they can be identified when the shipment arrives should their labels be lost in packing and transit. And you must make sure that all and your oh-so-time-consuming selected singing bowls and only those instruments get will get into your shipment.

You will have to undergo the very same procedure for your genuine Burmese Temple Gongs after you have travelled to Burma.

Even our small and tiny Sound Instruments like Tibetan cymbals or Tingshas arrive for testing in pairs, but they are not matched pairs. Each type must be separated and matched to form harmonious pairs. Specifications for our sound instrument matching accessories like cushions and pads or perfectly designed professional mallets must be gone over, grades and colors and more details settled.

Finally, everything is tested, selected and paid for (fair trade purchases are not cheap) and you can fly home and sleep for a week. After several months spent waiting and arguing with shipping companies and dealing with customs, the crates arrive and more work begins. Each and every sound instrument, Tibetan singing bowl or Burma gong must be matched by its label to its original recording, very carefully be cleaned and then due to different temperature and humidity in the US be re-tested and verified a second time for its universal healing harmonics or planetary frequencies! Perhaps the singing bowl or gong had not cooled sufficiently before analyzing over there in India, Nepal or Burma, or maybe it got knocked around too much during shipping and had its complex tones and harmonics altered, there will be surprises! Finally, each individual ancient sound healing instrument like a Tibetan singing bowl, a Burma gong, a Tingsha or Bell has been tested, purchased, shipped, re-analyzed and verified, cleaned, labeled and oiled.

This is the product we offer for you to buy! This is one of the reasons to buy from Heaven of Sound. We do this work for you to be sure you are getting the finest possible healing sound instrument, guarantied!