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Singing Bowls, Gongs, Custom Instruments

Authentic Ancient Sound Healing Instruments

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Certified Tibetan Singing Bowls

with universal harmonics/planetary frequencies



Certified Tibetan Singing Bowls with Universal Planetary Healing Harmonics
Certified Tibetan Singing Bowls
Genuine Burmese Temple Nipple Gongs at Heaven of Sound
Burma Temple Nipple Gongs
Other sound instruments at Heaven of Sound
Other Sound Instruments
Custom sound instrument making at Heaven of Sound
Custom build Sound Instruments


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Sound Healing Seminars, Workshops and Education @ Heaven of Sound
Sound Healing Classes & Trainings
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Heaven of Sound certifies singing bowls and gongs to their Planetary Healing Harmonics
Certified Planetary Healing Frequencies
Sound massage and sound therapy @ Heaven of Sound
Treatments: Sound Massage, Therapy, Meditation
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Genuine Burmese Temple Gongs

The jewels from Burma


Sound Instrument Making

Build to customers dreams


Custom made Monochords, Sound Beds and Tubular Bells/Chimes

Heaven of Sound™ is specialized in designing and building ancient healing and therapeutic sound instruments for personal use & professional applications with Swiss-German knowledge and  precision.

Custom made Monochord

Custom made Sound Bed

Custom Tubular Bells - Zodiac, Chakra or other Harmonics

Instrument Making Workshops

Join in & Build your own instrument


Sound Healing Seminars & Education

From novice to professional