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  • Persdonal Sound Healing Classes & Workshops at the Sound Healing Academy Heaven of Sound
    Learn all about Sound Healing for Yourself - Get introduced to the world of Tuned Healing Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tubular Bells, Monochords and other Sound Healing Instruments.

  • Professional Sound Healing Certification Programs at the Sound Healing Academy Heaven of Sound
    You want to learn how to professionally help Others to achieve well-being or healing through Sound - Choose between 3 different Education Training Programs starting in March 2020 to become a Certified Sound Meditation Coach, Sound Healing Practitioner or Sound Therapist!


Sound Instrument Making

We handcraft to Customers Dreams & Needs


Custom made Monochords, Sound Beds & Tubular Bell Chimes

Heaven of Sound™ is specialized in designing and building ancient healing and therapeutic sound instruments for personal use & professional applications with Swiss-German knowledge and  precision.

Custom made Pythagorean Monochord for Sound Bath & Music Therapy

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Custom made KoTaMo - Koto + Tanpura + Monochord, a 3-in-1 Sound Healing Instrument

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Custom made Sound Bed, Monochord table, Therapeutic vibro-acoustic Sound Table

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Custom Tubular Bells - Zodiac, Chakra or other Harmonics

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How safe are Singing Bowls, Bells & Gongs from Corona Virus?

May 30, 2020

How to clean Singing Bowls, Bells & Gongs during COVID-19? Info from Heaven of Sound
  • In these times of the Corona virus pandemic we often get asked "What can I do if I use my Tibetan singing bowls on different people to be safe?"
  • How can I clean my singing bowl?
  • What can I use for cleaning?
  • Are there any side effects from the cleaning or what else should I consider to keep my bowls clean but safe from damage?
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Heaven of Sound's contribution to Help through COVID-19

May 01, 2020

Corona crisis & How we like to Help.

Heaven of Sound's contribution to help through COVID-19Help from Heaven of Sound through the times of COVID-19Heaven of Sound is lowering the prices of all certified Tibetan singing bowls for the duration of this emergency to allow everyone to afford a Healing singing bowl! See our offers here:

May 2020: Reduced Prices on All Tibetan singing bowls to help through COVID-19 from Heaven of Sound

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