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Certified Tibetan Singing Bowls

with Planetary Healing Vibrations


Genuine Burmese Temple Gongs

The jewels from Burma tuned to Healing Frequencies


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Sound Instrument Making

We handcraft to Customers Dreams & Needs


Custom made Monochords, KoTaMos, Sound Beds

Heaven of Sound™ is specialized in designing and building ancient healing and therapeutic sound instruments for personal use & professional applications with Swiss-German knowledge and  precision.

Custom made Pythagorean Monochord for Sound Bath & Music Therapy

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Custom made KoTaMo - Koto + Tanpura + Monochord, a 3-in-1 Sound Healing Instrument

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Custom made Sound Bed, Monochord Bed, Therapeutic vibro-acoustic Sound Table

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Personal & Professional Certifications in Sound Healing - New March & April Classes

March 05, 2018

Sound Healing System of Certified Planetary Healing Vibrations

The Sound Healing System of Certified Planetary Healing Vibrations

  • What are Planetary Healing Vibrations?
  • How can I personally or as a professional sound healer benefit from these Planetary Harmonics and learn about them in a certification class?
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June Newsletter & Father's Day Sale

June 15, 2017

JUNE 2017 Newsletter & Father's Day SALE

Certicifaction Traing 2018 - Sound Vibrational Healing Practitioner & Therapist June brings rain, and sun, and brand new tiny cherries and apples on the trees. Cool nights, warm days, renewal and hope reborn. Spring business fills our days with joy and soft breezes full our nights with happy dreams.

If you are thinking of joining our 2018 professional sound vibrational healer certification program, this summer is a great time to ...

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