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  • Persdonal Sound Healing Classes & Workshops at the Sound Healing Academy Heaven of Sound
    Learn all about Sound Healing for Yourself - Get introduced to the world of Tuned Healing Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tubular Bells, Monochords and other Sound Healing Instruments.

  • Professional Sound Healing Certification Programs at the Sound Healing Academy Heaven of Sound
    You want to learn how to professionally help Others to achieve well-being or healing through Sound - Choose between 3 different Education Training Programs starting in March 2020 to become a Certified Sound Meditation Coach, Sound Healing Practitioner or Sound Therapist!


Sound Instrument Making

We handcraft to Customers Dreams & Needs


Custom made Monochords, Sound Beds & Tubular Bell Chimes

Heaven of Sound™ is specialized in designing and building ancient healing and therapeutic sound instruments for personal use & professional applications with Swiss-German knowledge and  precision.

Custom made Pythagorean Monochord for Sound Bath & Music Therapy

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Custom made KoTaMo - Koto + Tanpura + Monochord, a 3-in-1 Sound Healing Instrument

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Custom made Sound Bed, Monochord Bed, Therapeutic vibro-acoustic Sound Table

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Custom Tubular Bells - Zodiac, Chakra or other Harmonics

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Custom made Sound Healing Instruments

August 31, 2019


Custom made Sound Healing Instruments

Custom sound instrument making at Heaven of Sound, North Idaho, USAIt is almost autumn and the time of abundance begins. Nature gears up to prepare for winter in a burst of ripening and fruiting. All of her creatures, including us, revel in the bounty, feeding well, enjoying the warmth, welcoming the cooling evenings.
Almost all cultures celebrate this time with harvest fairs and festivals. The year’s work of planting and weeding is rewarded by the promise of plenty to eat for the coming winter.
Although most of society has moved away from the agrarian life style, the joy and relief of a bountiful harvest is written in our very genes, our bodies know to be glad of the plenty, glad of the bounty and we get busy in these autumn days preparing for the great hush before the fall of winter.

 This month (September) we invite you to an own Sound Healing Instrument, completely custom made to Your dreams & desires.

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Personal & Professional Certifications in Sound Healing - New March & April Classes

March 05, 2018

Sound Healing System of Certified Planetary Healing Vibrations

The Sound Healing System of Certified Planetary Healing Vibrations

  • What are Planetary Healing Vibrations?
  • How can I personally or as a professional sound healer benefit from these Planetary Harmonics and learn about them in a certification class?
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