Temperature and humidity

Temperatur sensibility of singing bowls, gongs etc.

Metal instruments, like Tibetan singing bowls, Burma gongs, tubular bells, chimes and tingsha are all moderate sensitive to temperature changes. They will sound a little different if they are hot or cold.

Wooden sound instruments are highly sensible to temperature and humidity changes!

Wooden instruments like the Sound Beds, Monochords, KoTaMo, Native American flutes and shamanic drums are all very sensitive to humidity as well as to temperature changes and care should be taken to maintain them in an environment that does not expose them to too many extremes. Too dry is as bad as too damp.
Think of your sound bed or monochord as you would have a fine grand piano and care for it the same way!

Tuneable Shamanic Drum enables play in most climatesOne of Heaven of Sound's specialties is that we build our Shamanic Drums tuneable! This allows you to play your tuneable drum in most weather conditions where ordinary drums would not be playable anymore.
You have the choice to build a drum yourself in one of our instrument making workshops or we can build your custom drum to your design and specifications.