Singing Bowl Information

Mandala Singing Bowl on Hand


About our singing bowls:

Each of Heaven of Sound's Tibetan singing bowls with Universal Healing Harmonics or Planetary Frequencies is hand-made and uniquely individual. Hand-hammered / hand-forged and created one by one, no two are exactly alike. Each sings with its own beautiful voice. The singing bowls we sell are made in northern India and in Nepal, and most of the engraving and etching is done in Nepal. We travel to India to personally hand select each of our bowls (and gongs). We carefully measure and certify each bowl before we buy it and we sell each one individually. Each singing bowl that we sell with a Universal Healing Harmonic is shipped with a certificate for that bowl. As hand hammered singing bowls may be somewhat uneven in form, the linear measurements may vary slightly from the description.


Machine-made singing bowl on hand As the hand-made, hammered Tibetan singing bowls have often two fundamentals and are rich in overtones and have the very typical "mystic" pulsing sound pattern where many different tones and pitches mix so beautifully together, machine made singing bowls are very different. Machine made singing bowls are sand cast (and NOT hammered) and being machine lathed afterwards producing a very smooth surface and a wall of nearly uniform thickness. The sound of machine made singing bowls is mono-tonal, clear and bright, but lacks the richness and complexity of hammered bowls, as they barely produce overtones.

In our on line store you will find words like: beautiful, amazing, fantastic, wonderful, and so on. We know that it is common to give the big sell when you're trying to get someone to buy something, but we don't know any other way to tell you just how special our bowls are. If you were here, and held these bowls in your own hands you would understand why we use the descriptions we do. So we will exclaim and proclaim and tell you wonderful things - to encourage you to get one of these very special Tibetan singing bowls for your own...