Burma Gong information

Golden Burma Temple Nipple Gong


About our Burma Gongs:

Burma Nipple or Temple Gongs are unique and very different from Chinese Tam-Tam/Chao or Wind Gongs. Unlike other gongs Burma nipple gongs produce a sound that is practically constant wherever on the playing surface you hit them and no matter how often and how strong or soft you strike them. This is within reason, of course, as if you would (hopefully never) strike your gong with a hammer and not with an appropriate gong mallet it would make an awful sound and very likely be quite ruined.
For this reason Burma gongs are very well suited for sound massage and sound therapy as they have a stable, measurable frequency which can be in the range of an universal healing harmonic.

Burma gong with Custom made Gong Stand from solid Mahogany Burma gongs can be hung indoors, inside your home, gallery or outdoors on your deck, patio or garden for equal pleasure. They do not rust because they are made of brass or bronze and are equally suitable for residential and business use. Our own big Burma gong hangs at the back of our house and the rich sound echoes across the meadow and into the woods. A gong inside the home will fascinate your guests and also give you much enjoyment. When things get hectic and stressed, play a gong. When you feel peaceful and dreamy and want to meditate, play a gong.
We often use Burma nipple gongs combined with Tibetan singing bowls in our guided sound meditations to fill the room with celestial sound and open the whole self to healthful vibration.
We select only those gongs with Universal harmonics, so all of our gongs are useful for professional healing sound work as well as beautiful to see and hear for pleasure and enjoyment. The larger gongs of this quality have become very difficult to find and we were fortunate to find the exceptional gongs that we have in our shop now.
Heaven of Sound carries sturdy metal gong stands for medium and large gongs. We also design and build custom wooden gong stands upon request. Please contact us for more information.