Fraud protection

We utilize a fraud protection service for ecommerce merchants and we follow their recommendations to the letter. This protects us and our customers from those who use stolen credit card numbers to make purchases.

Unfortunately this means that some of our good and honest customers will have their credit cards declined in error. If this happens to you and your payment method is wrongly turned down by our fraud protection service, please contact us right away.

As we’ve said above, we will not override the decision of our fraud protection, but if we know you are of good intent, we may offer you an alternative payment method such as the option to pay by check, via surface mail or bank wire transfer. We will be able to ship your order when your funds have cleared our bank.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and regret the necessity of the need for this protection. With identity theft and credit card abuse becoming a career for so many, we feel that this policy is the best way to protect our customers and our business.