All about accessories for your Burma gong

Gong mallets and strikers

Gong Mallets & striker:

To play your new Burma gong you will need an appropriate gong mallet or striker. You can use our Soft Pro Mallet for smaller gongs. Our Giant Blue Mallet is just right for medium to large gongs, being not too hard nor too soft. For very large/giant gongs a specialized striker might be beneficial to produce the extreme low "roaring" frequencies.

A general rule is: The larger the gong, the softer and heavier the mallet or striker should be.

Metal Gong Stands

Gong Stands:

Your new gong needs to be securely suspended so that it can vibrate freely when struck and also you must keep it safe from falling. Gongs are pretty tough, but if you drop it, you can damage or even ruin it.

Your gong can be hung indoors or outdoors. Being made of bronze or brass your gong will not rust. Your gong comes with a traditional rope hanger. For indoor use we sell metal gong stands which are equipped with wheels for convenience of movement.
Heaven of Sound also build custom solid wooden gong stands to your specifications. Contact us for more information and a quote.

Please also refer to the recommended accessories list at the bottom of each gong description and to our Accessories Guide here!