About singing bowl sizes

It can be difficult to visualize just how large a bowl is so here are some photos to give you an idea of what the measurements given for each bowl look like in the real world. The hand shown wears a ladies size large glove. We classify small bowls as weighing less than 1000 grams, medium sized bowls as weighing between 1000 and 2000 grams, large bowls as between 2000 and 5000 grams and giant bowls as weighing 5000 grams and more (sometimes a lot more!) As you can see, there can be a lot of difference within a size range.

a 12 cm bowl in the hand
This is a small 12 cm machine made bowl weighing 445 grams or .98 pounds
19 cm Singing Bowl
This 19 cm etched bowl is a bit larger small bowl weighing 971 grams or 2.14 pounds
24 cm bowl
This 24 cm brushed bowl is medium sized at 1455 grams or 3.21 pounds
27 cm dragonline on hand
This beautiful 27 cm dragon bowl is large at 2108 grams or 4.65 pounds


36 cm bengali in hand
This larger size, 36 cm Bengali bowl weighs 4730 grams or 10.43 pounds. If you are strong you can still hold it in your hand, but it is more comfortable to place it for playing.
Now we come to the giant, or foot, bowls. The smaller giants will just about hold an adult foot, but it would not be safe to stand in them and the foot might dampen the free swinging of the bowl. If used for a foot bowl, one should be seated in a chair with the foot resting in the bowl so as not to touch the sides.
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Big master engraved singing bowl with feet
This master engraved giant is 41 cm in diameter and weighs 6284 grams or 13.85 pounds. This size fits ladies feet US 9 nicely.
Giant Bengali singing bowl with feet
This huge Bengali is one of the biggest bowls we have. It is 51cm or over 21 inch in diameter and weighs 10,757 grams or 23.72 pounds. I think we could give Yeti a treatment in this bowl.


As a word of warning: To prevent falling - never stand in a bowl that is not properly placed in a ring cushion, or other stabilizing pad. Do not step into a bowl without someone present to help steady you. Being seated while treating the feet in a bowl is just as effective as standing - without the danger of falling and with the benefit of being able to relax more completely.