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Custom Sound Instruments: Monochord, Sound Bed, Tubular Bells, Shamanic Drum, Native American Flute

Heaven of Sound™ is specialized in designing and building ancient healing, therapeutic sound instruments for personal use & professionals.

Instrument Making - Luthier at workA custom made sound instrument combines beauty with function and is designed to fit the budget and dreams of the buyer. A choice of rich woods, delicious shapes and eye pleasing detail adds to the pleasure of the beautiful haunting tones of the instrument. No two instruments are alike except in the quality of their design and construction. And every instrument is designed in concert by the purchaser and our luthier.

Beautiful woods, after thoughtful design, are then painstakingly handcrafted to exacting specifications to realize every single customer's dreams or wishes and become warm and wonderful sound instruments for personal or professional well-being and healing work. These instruments can be used in music therapy and specialized clinics or rehabilitation centers as well.

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Custom made Sound Bed with crossed legsSound Bed: This instrument, invented about 35 years ago in Europe, is rare and mostly unknown in North America. It is a recent larger scale descendant of the ancient Pythagorean Monochord. This instrument is built in the form of a bed or table for a client or patient to comfortably lie on while the practitioner or therapist plays it. The sound bed strongly stimulates the person's somatic senses, especially the senses of touch (tactile, mechano reception).

Custom Pythagorean Monochords + KoTaMos @ Heaven of soundMonochords & KoTaMo: Developed from the ancient Pythagorean monochord, the single stringed ancestor of modern string instruments, today's monochords, or more precisely, monophonic tuned-in polychords, come in various sizes, shapes and even as combined sound instruments like the multipurpose KoTaMo, a combination of the Japanese Koto, the Indian Tanpura and the Greek Monochord. We custom build all these instruments to your ideas and dreams.

Custom made Native American Flute with gem stoneNative American Flute: This original flute of the North American natives, sometimes also called 'love flute', can be made to order or the buyer can participate in the building and finishing of the instrument in one of our instrument building workshops.

Shamanic Drum with calf raw hideShamanic Drum: The tradition of the Shamanic or spirit drum is known from many primitive civilizations to modern Shamans and tells us that the hide used for the drum gives a voice to the spirit of the animal and unity between the animal spirit and the player of the drum. These drums can be made to order or in a "hands-on" workshop as well.

Indoors Tubular Bells - chromatic 2 octavesTubular Bells/Chimes: These wonderful, long lasting sound instruments, invented at the end of the 18th century in England, are made from pipes/tubes of different metals. We prefer to use non-ferrous metal alloys with high amounts of copper like brass due to their unique "warm" sound qualities. These bells can be made to ring freely, as chimes, for use in meditation or sound treatment or with the sound slightly damped so they can be played as musical instruments.