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Indian Wind, Cymbal & Nipple & Burmese Temple Gongs with Planetary Healing Tones

Golden Burma Nipple Temple GongHeaven of Sound™ carries and sells Genuine Temple Nipple Gongs from Burma and India plus Indian Cymbal Gongs in many sizes and all with certified healing frequencies, often called universal healing harmonics or planetary tones.
Indian Nipple and Burmese Temple Gongs are unlike those from China with a flat or curved surface in that they have a full and STABLE base sound with many overtones, which is always the same, no matter where you play or how often you strike them, rather than going louder and changing pitch when struck repeatedly. This makes them very valuable and suited to sound massage and music therapy as they have a stable, measurable healing frequency and sound.
We also carry beautiful carved and etched Indian Wind Gongs, which have a light arched, nearly flat body and which produce an orchestral sound depending where and how you strike them with your gong mallet.

All Gongs are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for residential or businesses, for homes, galleries, estates, patios, decks or gardens. Certified sound instruments to their universal healing harmonics - 100% guaranteed

When a gong has the Heaven of Sound™ Logo and is tested and certified by us to their planetary healing vibrations (except Wind Gongs), so you know what to use it for and that it is a fine quality sound instrument.

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AUDIO RECORDINGS: You can listen to all our sound instruments as we have introduced a high quality stereo audio sample with each one. We recommend that you listen to the sound clips with good headphones as most computer speakers and smartphones cannot reproduce the richness and complexity of sounds these gongs produce.