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Bengali Tibetan Singing Bowls with certified Planetary Healing Vibrations

Bengali style singing bowls

are made in the ancient tradition by family groups who make one type of bowl their family has made for generations. They are hand hammered in different shapes, the older style has upright, somewhat thin sides, the newer styles can be deep and wide, or rounded.

What all Bengali bowls have in common is color, black with a polished rim and interior. The bronze or brass alloy that is a traditional to each manufacturing family gives a beautiful golden gleam that is striking against the black exterior. The other shared quality is sound, these bowls produce stable and strong vibrations, quite a few of our treatment bowls are in this style, the exceptional quality of the sound is highly effective for massage or therapy.  

As always, each Bengali bowl that Heaven of Sound offers for sale has been individually selected for quality of sound plus its unique planetary harmonic and comes with a certificate identifying the frequency(ies) and the best uses for the bowl.

You will find these remarkable instruments in all sizes, from tiny to giant. Listen to the recordings, when you find that frequency that resonates with you, go ahead, buy it with confidence. Bengali bowls have been made for centuries, possibly millennia, they have been around that long because of the exceptional sound they produce. Add the Heaven of Sound certificate and you know you are getting something very special.


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