7 Chakra Set with 8 Hand Hammered Singing Bowls, Cushions and Leather Stick


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This is a beautiful Chakra bowl set that includes eight beautiful hand hammered singing bowls - with all the complexity of tone a hand hammered bowl can offer. TThis set includes 7 singing bowls tuned to the 7 chakras plus an eighth bowl, the root chakra an octave higher, to give you a full octave of sound. This is a wonderful opportunity to not only acquire a carefully selected harmonious chakra set, but you are also getting an incredible sampling of the traditional styles of hand hammered bowls. You will receive one matte hand engraved bowl, with a simple engraving of Buddha eyes in the center and a mantra on the exterior rim. There are two bowls in the simple but elegant polished style, and three in the striking black and gold Bengali style. The set is rounded out with two beautifully etched bowls. This is truly a one of a kind set that anyone would be proud to own. 

The set also includes 8 pads, one for each bowl, and 1 leather stick to play them with. This is a wonderful way to help keep your energy flowing smoothly and your chakras in balance.

This set includes the following bowls:

1st ChakraRoot, Tone G(4) - A matte engraved bowl featuring Buddha Eyes
     Diameter: 13.0 cm (5.2 inch), Height: 6.5 cm (2.6 inch);  Weight: 455g 1.0 lb); 
2nd ChakraSacralTone A(4) - An etched bowl with the OM mantra in the center
     Diameter: 12 cm (4.75 inch), Height: 5.5 cm (2.25 inch);  Weight: 382g (0.84 lbs)
3rd Chakra Solar Plexus, Tone B(4) - A black and gold Bengali bowl
     Diameter: 12 cm (4.75 inch), Height: 6 cm (2.4 inch);  Weight: 448g (0.99 lbs)
4th ChakraHeart, Tone C(5) - A black and gold Bengali bowl
     Diameter: 12.5 cm (4.9 inch), Height: 6 cm (2.4 inch);  Weight: 507g (1.12 lbs)
5th ChakraThroat, Tone D(5) -  A polished bowl
     Diameter: 10.5 cm (4.1 inch), Height: 5 cm (2 inch);  Weight: 269g (0.59 lbs)
6th Chakra Third eye(forehead), Tone E(5) - A polished bowl
     Diameter:  11cm (4.25 inch), Height: 5 cm (2 inch);  Weight: 299g (0.659 lbs)
7th ChakraCrown, Tone F(5) - An etched bowl with a seated Buddha in the center
     Diameter: 11 cm (4.25 inch), Height: 5.5 cm (2.25 inch);  Weight: 421g (0.93 lbs)

PLUS: Spiritual Root, Tone G(5) , one octave higher- A black and gold Bengali bowl
     Diameter: 11.5 cm (4.5 inch), Height: 5.5 cm (2.25 inch);  Weight: 506g (1.12 lbs)

All bowls in this set are measured on the A=432 Hz scale. Dimensional measurements are approximate.

Read here to learn more about the 7 Chakras!

Audio file of this chakra set, striking bowls G(4)-G(5):

Audio file of this chakra sets, striking 3rds:

    Chart Recommended Accessories
    Accessories to play your Tibetan singing bowl or Burma gong (s=strike, r=rub):
    giant blue
    XS / S
    M / L
    XL / XXL
    50-400g --- --- --- --- --- s & r --- ---
    400-800g s --- --- --- --- r r ---
    800-1200g --- --- --- s --- --- r ---
    1000-2400g --- --- s --- --- --- r r
    2000-3000g --- s --- --- --- --- --- r
    > 3000g --- --- --- --- s --- --- ---


    Accessories to place your Tibetan singing bowls:
    Bowl diameter Embroidered pad Silk pad Ring cushion Felt cushion Silk cushion square Silk cushion round
    < 12cm 11cm --- --- 12cm 12x12cm ---
    12-20cm 17cm 16cm 14cm 15cm 15x15cm ---
    20-23cm 17cm 16cm 16cm 20cm 18x18cm ---
    23-28cm 22cm --- 20cm 20cm 22x22cm ---
    28-33cm 22/30cm --- 30cm 25cm 22x22/27x27cm ---
    33-41cm 30cm --- 30cm 30cm 27x27cm ---
    > 41cm 40cm --- 40cm 40cm --- ---


    Accessory to hang a Burma gong: Accessory for cleaning + preserving a bowl/gong:
    Gong diameter <= 55cm
    <= 22inch

    Cleaning & Preservation Oil
    30ml / 1 fl oz

    Gong stand size M L XL