Dark Etched "Steiner Sun" Tibetan Singing Bowl with a "Root Chakra" Overtone #1281 - Primal Trust


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  • On the larger side of medium sized, this amazing singing bowl has a deep resonant tone with incredible sustain. The etching is complex and detailed, covered inside and out with mandalas. The treasure vase graces the center and the bottom features the endless knot. This bowl will age gracefully and the carvings become more visually appealing with time.

    The binaural beat is strong and steady and the overtone floats above. This is a wonderful bowl for both the serious self worker or for the professional. AND it is a carefully measured Heaven of Sound certified instrument, too!

    Diameter: 26.2 cm (10.3 inch), Height: 11.7 cm (4.6 inch);  Weight: 1889 g (4.16 lbs);  #1281

    *Measurements approximate, these are hand made instruments and may be irregular in shape
  • This powerful singing bowl resonates on one fundamental healing frequency plus an overtone:

    1. Steiner Sun (Schumann II)Primal trust, tenderness, Christ's love, Reiki purification
    • Root Chakra' - "I Am", grounding, basic trust, stability
      • The Steiner Sun frequency is the purity of a prayer, the tender joy of a mantra, the rapture you feel when you connect to the divine. It is strongly related to Reiki energy and is a great support for Reiki practitioners. As it was, as it is, as it always will be. Rebuild your primal trust, bathe in eternal light.
      • In this bowl the Root Chakra frequency, being connected to the basics of self, helps to bring the rebuilding of primal trust to the core of our being. It is a very strong and comforting combination.
    1. High quality stereo audio file of this singing bowl:


      Please listen with headphones!
      This is an actual recording of the singing bowl you will receive.

      Except where noted all recorded singing bowls are played with our advanced gentle strike technique rather than the more limited "rubbing-along-the-rim" play technique to demonstrate the full complex sound spectrum with all overtones of the Tibetan bowl!
      Please contact us if you would like to hear this singing bowl rubbed!

    2. We would recommend for this product the following accessories:

    Chart Recommended Accessories
    Accessories to play your Tibetan singing bowl or Burma gong (s=strike, r=rub):
    giant blue
    XS / S
    M / L
    XL / XXL
    50-400g --- --- --- --- --- s & r --- ---
    400-800g s --- --- --- --- r r ---
    800-1200g --- --- --- s --- --- r ---
    1000-2400g --- --- s --- --- --- r r
    2000-3000g --- s --- --- --- --- --- r
    > 3000g --- --- --- --- s --- --- ---


    Accessories to place your Tibetan singing bowls:
    Bowl diameter Embroidered pad Silk pad Ring cushion Felt cushion Silk cushion square Silk cushion round
    < 12cm 11cm --- --- 12cm 12x12cm ---
    12-20cm 17cm 16cm 14cm 15cm 15x15cm ---
    20-23cm 17cm 16cm 16cm 20cm 18x18cm ---
    23-28cm 22cm --- 20cm 20cm 22x22cm ---
    28-33cm 22/30cm --- 30cm 25cm 22x22/27x27cm ---
    33-41cm 30cm --- 30cm 30cm 27x27cm ---
    > 41cm 40cm --- 40cm 40cm --- ---


    Accessory to hang a Burma gong: Accessory for cleaning + preserving a bowl/gong:
    Gong diameter <= 55cm
    <= 22inch

    Cleaning & Preservation Oil
    30ml / 1 fl oz

    Gong stand size M L XL