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Sound Instrument Making Workshops: Join in and build your own Healing Sound Instrument

Instrument Making Workshops for AdultsThere is something about building a sound or musical instrument that goes beyond mere craftsmanship. You always put a bit of yourself into every instrument you build. The hardest part when our luthier builds a custom instrument for a client is to let it go. This is balanced completely by sharing the joy of that client when they play the instrument for the first time. Experience this deep attachment to your own instrument by participating in an instrument building workshop. Prices will depend on the type of instrument and materials chosen.

Instrument Making Workshops for KidsBesides sound instruments for adults Heaven of Sound also offer special workshops for children and their parent (or grandparent) where a child makes its very own instrument. Instruments available to build range from very simple rattles and noisemakers, for the very young child, to the much more sophisticated circle drums and slit drums and include various simple flutes. Prices and the length of the workshop depend on the instrument selected to build.

All our workshops are designed to be fun and informative and we prefer to keep them small enough that every participant receives personal instruction.
The first instrument building workshops are planned for this summer.

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