Certified Healing Frequencies, Universal Harmonics, Planetary Tones

Heaven of Sound is dedicated to making the ancient Eastern knowledge of healing with sound available to the Western world.

Certified sound instruments to their universal healing harmonics - 100% guaranteedWe certify all of our sound instruments with respect to their universal healing frequencies and their effects using Hans Cousto's table of healing frequencies or planetary tones as defined in his book "The Cosmic Octave" plus new frequencies later defined using Cousto's methods.

Hans Cousto's The Cosmic OctaveYou may use search to find a bowl for the purpose you want or you can contact us if you need help finding just the right singing bowl, gong or other sound instrument.
If this is all a mystery to you how about signing up for one of our seminars or certification training.  Our 2017 schedule is out! Please feel free to contact us for details.

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