2016 Spring/Summer Seminar Schedule

What are the Buddha Eyes looking at?
Heaven of Sound's Seminar Schedule for the first half of 2016, that's what!


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You've seen our beautiful sound healing instruments in our store and listened to the mysterious sounds that they make. The sounds seem to resonate with you, and you may wonder why. What do the labels mean? Why do you call them Universal Harmonics or Planetary Frequencies?

We are now offering introductory and advanced courses in Sound Healing with the revolutionary system of Planetary Healing tones or universal harmonics. In these classes we answer all the questions above. You also learn to treat yourself with these traditional healing sound instruments. In our hands on seminars, you will play our instruments and experience giving and receiving sound, where and why to apply vibration, and how to play and care for these marvelous instruments, plus a look at their rich history. You can take these classes for your own personal use or as the first step in a career in sound massage or sound therapy. This spring and summer Heaven of Sound offers courses in Tibetan Singing Bowls, Burma Gong and Tubular Bells, and Monochord and Sound Bed. Register for your choice of course now and qualify for an early bird discount

Heaven of Sound
Heaven of Sound


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